Hi! I'm Dhanshri,

I transform

user frustrations

into joyful experiences.

Blending UX expertise with an

architectural background

I use spatial thinking, storytelling, and meticulous planning

to create

simple & intuitive interfaces.

Recent News

  • Open to Full-time UX/Product Design roles

  • Graduated with a Master’s in HCI from Indiana University Bloomington

  • Completing 'AI for Designers' course from IDF

Collaborated with

Selected Projects

01 | Visual Design | Web & Mobile Redesign | Design System


DeFiner Labs

Streamlining the token-minting process, improving user comprehension for TypeIt, and creating a cross-platform design system for ZooEx.

02 | Accessibility Design | Enterprise Software

Transforming the Microsoft Teams experience for users with surface dyslexia to foster better communication and teamwork.

03 | Fintech | Social Impact | Physical + Digital


Encouraging open & stigma-free financial conversations on campus to nurture a supportive and informed student community.

04 | EdTech | LMS Integration | Mobile App


Supporting undergraduates in setting and aligning personal and team goals through Canvas LMS for improved academic collaboration.

Other projects

05 | Tourism | Information Architecture

Revamped the Maharashtra Tourism website for a better user experience and streamlined the information architecture.

06 | Mixed Reality | Contextual Design

Enhancing cybersecurity teamwork by creating a contextual and immersive environment in Webex.


I share my insights on the complexities of user experiences, delving into both the digital and physical realms, as well as the intriguing spaces in between.

Unveiling Apple: Materiality and Agency's Role in Crafting Transcendent User Experiences

5 min read

Humanizing Urban Revitalization: A Human-Building Interaction Lens on Participatory Design Frameworks

4 min read

Sacred Spaces, Human Experiences: An Architectural Exploration of Mathura's Hallowed Landscapes

8 min read |

Published in UniAda yearbook 2019

About Me

Hello again,

I'm busy creating intuitive

designs with a human touch.

My design journey began with my mother. In 8th grade, I was captivated by her textile design portfolio, and from that moment, I knew I wanted to be a designer just like her.

I chased this dream into a degree in Architecture, where I spent countless hours crafting thermocol and file card models, transforming abstract ideas into tangible, spatial experiences.

As my passion grew, I found myself drawn to the digital realm. This brought me to the US, where I pursued a master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction/Design at Indiana University Bloomington. During this time, I learned to stand on my own, made lifelong friends, and dove deep into the world of user experience. I discovered that design is about more than aesthetics — it’s about creating meaningful experiences.

Every step of my journey has taught me something new about what people need and how they perceive the world. I’ve learned that great design is a blend of creativity, functionality, and user experience. And that’s what drives me every day.

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Beyond the pixels: Exploring my passions outside the UX realm.

  • Started a home chef business with my mom during COVID-19, achieving $12,000 in sales in 4 months.

    Captured the charm of Strasbourg while studying at ENSAS during a semester exchange in France.

    Volunteered and led at U&I Trust, India, teaching Math and Science to K-12 students for 2.5 years

    Served as an Associate Instructor for Computer and Information Ethics and HCI courses at IUB.

    I camped at Indiana Dunes for the first time and loved it. Can't wait to do it more often!

  • Crafted with passion and countless cups of coffee.

  • Last updated: June 2024.

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