Design Stories:
Illustrated Projects
& Competition Entries

Explore my design work, illustrations, and architecture competition graphics, where I craft intuitive experiences using 3D modeling, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and storytelling.

Experimenting with Midjourney | 2023

Branding and Visual Design for an Energy Drink. | 2024

Palette of Leisure: Imagining my daily life within a collage in Adobe Photoshop. | 2024

Vector Illustration of Jaipur Stepwells made in Adobe Illustrator. | 2019

Competition Entry for Taiwan Residential Architecture Award | 2021

Top 25 Honorable Mention in Urban Chair Design Competition | 2019

Architecture Design dissertation proposed design for site A | 2019

3D modeling and rendering for the views of the Ente Kochi Project. | 2020

Top 10 mention in Playhouse Design competition, hosted by Manchester Design Studio | 2020

Competition Entry for Taiwan Residential Architecture Award | 2021

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  • Last updated: June 2024.

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